​What are my expectations for Japan?

I thought it might be funny to write about my expectations as someone who has never been there and then compare them after a few months of staying in Japan with my real life experiences.

What am I going to miss the most?

Well, there are a lot of food things coming to my mind. Unsweetened soy yoghurt, fortified oat milk and fake meat such as tofu sausages will definitely be something that I’ll miss. Not to mention good bread … aaaanyways, I expect to be hungry quite often, be confused by ingredient lists, annoy innocent Japanese people with my “Does this contain…?” questions and get quite creative while cooking any things that seems vegan whether or not it fits together. ^^

I guess I will have to find a new rhythm, since the old work-braindead-sleep routine will no longer be suitable. Since there won’t be any wifi in my dorm room and most hostels will probably have rather unreliable bandwidths, I am already thinking about what I’ll do without my nightly ritual of watching Youtube videos before going to sleep. 😮 No daily session of watching videos of people playing Minecraft – what a horrible thought!

I am alone very often and (most of those times) I like being alone. Don’t get me wrong, I like some of those human creatures around me as well, but often I feel it’s rather exhausting to be around them for long. I’ll have a dorm room for myself at first (including my own bathroom, thank god!), but that won’t be possible while I’m travelling. And since I don’t know where I will end up after travelling (besides it being a location most likely within Tokyo), I have no idea whether that will be in a share house, apartment or another dormitory with several beds in one room. And I’m not sure whether I can do that for longer or what I will do when I cannot afford a less public space …

In general, I’ve moved so often that I don’t really expect this to be much different – besides those minor factors called a language barrier and cultural differences. 😀 But people will always be people and while I don’t expect to make tons of friends, I do expect to meet a lot of nice, cool and interesting people as well as annoying, weird and obnoxious ones. And even more polite people than usual, according to the rumors about Japan. ^^

Of course I expect to make some stupid mistakes or to be quite ignorant, when it comes to accidentally stepping out of toilets with the toilet slippers still on (the easily confused part of me could do this), addressing people in the wrong way (baka me no speak Nihongo well o.o) or blowing my nose in public (the ignorant part of allergic me does want to breathe).

Job-wise I am really curious where I will end up after arriving in Tokyo and whether I will like whatever part-time job I’ll find.

I want to do this blogging and youtubing thing and I’m really curious whether that will work out. I know, I know, I could just say “I will make this work!”, but concerning Youtube I don’t know yet whether making videos is really my thing because I just started. Right now I’m not really filming anything, since it would have been just me packing and unpacking things a gazillion times. xD So we will see. 🙂

That’s one of the key messages of my life it seems: we’ll see when we get there! 😀 And since I just woke up with a cold, the flight tomorrow evening can only get awesome … o.o Especially in case I don’t find anything edible in between my connecting flights in Seoul. At least the food on the plane is supposedly vegan, so I might arrive well-fed and only start to starve after landing in Fukuoka, Japan. 😉

I hope you are all healthy, well and as excited as I am!

Have a fluffy day! ^~^
0utofjoint =)

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