So, I just sold my bed …

Well, thaaat was unexpected. Since I have to move out in two weeks, I am trying to get rid of all my furniture, i.e. I’m selling it. The first thing I put online to sell was my couch and after three days, someone messaged me that they would like to buy it. Yay for that. When the girl came to my place I mentioned that I would also be selling all of the other stuff and she was like: “I need everything!” and we agreed on her taking some stuff now and coming back in a few weeks for the rest of it, including my bed.

So now I’m sitting between tons of clothes because she took one of my wardrobes and a few days later someone else bought my second wardrobe. Looking at the empty space where the couch was, I am contemplating whether I ever needed it in the first place. Probably not, I only used it to throw jackets and stuff onto it. ๐Ÿ˜€ But looking at my bed I can’t really enjoy the idea of living without one. Even if it’s just for a week. But didn’t Japanese people traditionally sleep on futons – some kind of really thin mattresses – anyways? So maybe this week of lying on the floor, only cushioned by a gymnastics mat and some linen, will help me calibrate my err … something inner or other to be ready for the great adventures of getting some sleep in Japan. Or I’ll lie awake half the night and spend my day at work complaining to my colleagues about all my aches. Probably the latter one. But I need to get rid of all my stuff soon. ^^

I am freeeeeee!

What I noticed after I sold half of my furniture was that I feel lighter somehow. I know that sounded cheesy, but I’m not that fond of owning such a lot of stuff. There are things I would not want to throw away, which include: my manga, books and all the tech stuff such as my beloved laptop. I guess I will always own way too many books than seem reasonable, which is driving my parents bananas because they have to store all my books in my old room. And we’re not talking about one or two shelves, but about several huge moving boxes on the floor in addition to the shelves that were already full before I moved out years ago … But books contain so many memories, I don’t want to throw them away! ๐Ÿ™ I’d feel bad about it, almost as bad as if I’d throw away pictures of my friends. When I come back from Japan I will probably not be able to move around my old room much and maybe I will have to rent a container as a kind of outsourced library. ๐Ÿ˜€

Apparently I don’t get attached to things that much and while I wouldn’t want to throw away stuff like my laptop that’s mainly because I use it everyday (and because it would be ridiculously expensive to buy a new one). Maybe that has to do with my history of moving a lot. After I moved out from my parent’s place I have never lived somewhere for much longer than a year – except for now. This is also the first apartment I’m living in that I’m not sharing with roommates and only the second one where I actually owned the furniture that’s in it. So yeah, I’m probably just used to not getting attached to stuff because I will leave it behind anyway.

Maybe I can borrow Hermione’s or Mary Poppins’ bag?

Which is kinda cool, because now I’m getting really excited about the stuff I usually always took with me: tons of clothes. I already bought some of these vacuum bags to pack my clothes tighter, but I’m still not sure how much I can put into the intimidatingly big backpack I’ll be using to travel around Japan. Most likely I will have to leave about half the clothes I own at home – which would still be alright. Mainly because I haven’t been wearing them at all during the last two years. xD Over the years I changed my style a few times, got clothes as presents and simply bought stuff (such as a cocktail dress …) for which I almost never had the opportunity or motivation to wear them. But I guess that happens to a lot of people. If you want to get an idea of how many clothes I own, I’ll just say that when I cleaned out one of the three wardrobes I owned it was already enough to fill a moderately sized suitcase … good luck with fitting that into one backpack, future me!

Right now I just feel excited and kind of good about not having to lug around so many things. I can go anywhere I want and there is nothing that keeps me here, wohoo! ^.^ Well, we will see whether that changes during the next few weeks when I try to do a test run for packing ALL THE THINGS into one backpack and fail miserably or whether I will keep that spirit up. I am also contemplating whether there are food-ish things (besides my B12-pills) that I should bring with me or whether that’s a completely stupid idea because they may get confiscated at the airport or I will either get them in Japan as well or I won’t and so it does not make sense to just take a small supply with me that will run out after two weeks. You know what I mean?

How about you? Which things would you be able to live without? What would you never ever want to give away? Have you ever made a radical cut where you sold or donated most of your stuff? During the next few weeks I also want to write an article about my expectations for Japan, which I am planning to take a look at again after spending some months over there to see whether any of the things I predicted actually came true or whether they were all weird prejudices of mine. ^^

Have a great weekend!

Your vegangirlinjapan =)

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