About this site :)

Hey there!

Great that you found your ways through the intarwebs to my site! I’m vegangirlinjapan, 0utofjoint or just simply Tanja. As you might have guessed, I’m a vegan. (And no, I don’t vape and I don’t even know what Crossfit actually is, sorry to disappoint you, dear people from 9gag. :D) Usually, I don’t tell everybody that I’m vegan right away because … why should they care? But in this case I thought I’d make it as obvious as possible because of the other thing this website will be about: Japan!

I’ll be going to Japan in October 2016 and I’ve been told that it’s nearly impossible to find food there that’s vegetarian. Yeah, notice the “etari” in between the “veg” and the “an”? So if not even people who eat milk and eggs can find food there, how will I? Well, apparently vegans are not common in Japan because they die of starvation before they had the chance to let anybody know about it. Or that’s what a lot of people implied when they told me about various parts of and extracts made of fish, which seem to be omnipresent in anything even remotely considered food in Japan.

But as they (not the “they” who said I’d go hungry, but this anonymous “they” you use when you just want to pretend somebody else actually believes the thing you’re about to say), ahem, as they say: It’s not an obstacle, it’s a challenge! Hah! So we’ll find out together how I’ll survive in Japan without speaking a lot more Japanese than “Reeeeeaaaaaaally?”, “Thank you”, “OHMYGODI’MSOSORRY!” or “Wait for me, sempaaaaaiiii!”. You guessed right, if you suddenly got the feeling that I became interested in Japan due to a slight habit of anime binge watching I developed over the past few years. I’ll admit it. Funny enough, now that I’m planning to actually go to the number one production centre of Anime & Manga, I no longer have the time to watch or read them.

Gotta book some flights, cancel all your contracts, start a YouTube channel, build some fancy websites, you know, the usual stuff …

I’ll probably write another article about how all of this started soon, which I’ll then link to. But for now I think you got a glimpse at my awful tendency to get off topic, make stupid jokes without being ashamed of doing so aaaand most importantly, to never be really 100 % serious.

I hope to see you around during my adventures! ^^

So long,
vegangirlinjapan =)